Gift is something Delightful that is  very Precious in our life. Gifts can make you Blessed and Joyful.
The Gift you give someone can make your relationship most Precious  in life time.This NEW YEAR is the best Time to avail this offer. Make a Delightful Amazing Relation with your Loved Ones with these Amazing Gifts. You can  get list of amazing  magical gifts for anyone based on   you and  Your Friend’s age, relationship, gender ,hobbies,likes and occasion etc.  Explore amazing Gifts with this Prompt!

Copy and paste this prompt on your  ChatGpt and  then enter every  details in the  editable part [  ] .
Example Input 1:
My age: 25
My gender: Female
Relationship with This person To whom I am giving Gift: Best friend
My Friend’s age: 27
My Friend’s gender: Male
My Friend’s Hobbies: Travelling
My Friend’s Favourite Color: Green
& Other Things My FRiend like: Driving,Reading book,cricket etc
Enter Every Detail what chatGPT ask to you.

Example Input 2:
My age: 32
My Gender: Female
Relationship with This person To whom I am giving Gift: Mother
My Mother’s Hobbies: Reading Book,cooking
My Mother’s Favourite Color: Pink
Other Favourite things my Mother like: Gardening,Cooking,Designing etc
and Enter every detail ChatGPT ask to you

Example Output
Great! Thanks for providing those details. Based on your friend’s interests in outdoor adventures, the New Year occasion, a budget of 5000, a preference for the color green, and a desire for a sentimental touch, here are some personalized gift ideas for your best friend:

Customized Outdoor Gear:

Consider personalized outdoor gear like a custom engraved water bottle, camping equipment with his name or a special message, or a high-quality backpack in his favorite color, green.
Adventure Experience:

Gift him an experience for an outdoor adventure, such as a guided hiking or camping trip. Look for options in locations he hasn’t explored yet.
Green-themed Personalized Items:

Find items in his favorite color, green, like a cozy green hoodie, a stylish watch with a green strap, or a personalized green leather wallet.
Memory Scrapbook:

Create a scrapbook filled with pictures and memories of your adventures together. Add personal notes and captions to make it a sentimental keepsake.
Indoor Plant with Personalized Pot:

A green indoor plant with a personalized pot can bring the outdoors inside. Choose a plant that’s easy to care for and suits his living space.
Customized Adventure Map:

Get a custom map highlighting the locations of your past outdoor adventures together. It could be a wall poster or a framed piece, reminding him of the shared experiences.
Green Tech Gadgets:

Explore tech gadgets in green, such as wireless earbuds, a portable charger, or a smartwatch, and personalize it with a special message.
DIY Adventure Coupons:

Create a set of DIY adventure coupons redeemable for activities like a day of hiking, a camping trip, or any other outdoor adventure you both enjoy.
Remember to choose or customize the gift based on his specific preferences within the outdoor adventure theme. These ideas combine the spirit of adventure with a sentimental touch, making for a thoughtful New Year’s gift for your best friend.

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