to use this prompt, you’re aiming to create a compelling image that emphasizes the small size and endearing qualities of a doberman puppy. here’s your action plan:


1. subject selection: find a young doberman puppy comfortable with being gently handled and is at rest.

2. human element: identify a female model with well-manicured hands to serve as the ‘fingertip’ for the puppy to rest on.

3. set preparation: choose a location with a white backdrop to isolate the subject and ensure adequate lighting to avoid shadows or overexposure.

4. posing: carefully position the puppy so it appears to be resting comfortably on the edge of the model’s fingertip, showcasing its diminutive size relative to a human.

5. photography style: aim for a ‘raw’ photography style, which means minimal to no post-processing, capturing the natural textures and details of the scene.

6. capturing the shot: use a high-resolution camera with a macro lens if necessary, to get a close-up shot while keeping both the puppy and fingertip in focus.

7. post-production: since the style is ‘raw’, only perform essential editing, perhaps adjusting the exposure or contrast to ensure the subjects stand out against the white background.

this prompt is perfect for creating striking visual content for pet-related marketing, educational materials, or simply to capture the charm of a doberman puppy

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