to use this prompt effectively, you’re setting the scene for a highly stylized product photo or digital artwork. here’s how you might proceed:


1. select clothing: acquire a crisp white pant shirt with subtle ankara detailing that aligns with the desired aesthetic.

2. prepare garment: iron the shirt to ensure it’s wrinkle-free and attach stiffeners if needed to maintain shape while suspended.

3. studio setup: arrange the shirt in a studio environment using clear fishing lines or a mannequin to create the illusion of levitation.

4. add details: imprint the ‘GS’ logo below the collar area with precision, ensuring it’s visible and aesthetically pleasing.

5. create effect: generate blue smoke around the shirt, either by using smoke bombs in a safe and controlled manner or through digital manipulation in post-production to simulate the whirlwind effect.

6. capture image: photograph the setup with a high-resolution camera, making sure to focus on the sharpness of the shirt and the dynamism of the blue smoke.

7. post-processing: edit the photo to enhance the contrast, color saturation, and overall clarity, paying special attention to the smoke’s interaction with the shirt.

this prompt is ideal for creating visually striking imagery for branding, fashion portfolios, or advertising campaign

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