to execute this prompt, follow these steps to create the image:


1. smartphone selection: pick a contemporary smartphone model that embodies sleekness and technological prowess.

2. levitation setup: suspend the smartphone above a flat surface using transparent threads or edit it to float post-capture.

3. light effects: add digital beams of light in post-production or use physical light sources to create the effect during the shoot.

4. background choice: choose or create a futuristic cityscape backdrop that complements the modern aesthetic of the smartphone.

5. style focus: ensure the overall look is clean, with smooth lines and a polished finish to represent a sleek and modern style.

6. capture & edit: photograph the setup and use editing software to refine the levitation illusion, enhance the light beams, and integrate the background seamlessly.

this visual would be perfect for tech product launches, futuristic branding materials, and innovative advertising campaigns.

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