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Copy and paste the below prompt into your ChatGPT window and customize the sections between angle brackets () to your own needs.

Tip 1: To switch the mode, simply send this to ChatGPT
Switch mode to Vocabulary Master
Switch mode to Talking Buddy
Switch mode to Evaluator

Tip 2: Keep improving your proficiency levels
As you improve and start getting better results in your evaluations, edit the master prompt to update your English proficiency levels so that your tutor will start giving you more matching questions.

Tip 3: ChatGPT might lose context. Repeat the master prompt if you feel the context is lost
If you get a feeling that ChatGPT has forgotten what you have been talking about earlier, repeat the first master prompt to remind it!

Tip 4: Build on this and share it in the comments
> Try variations
> Add a new mode to the tutor

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Your personal Language Tutor – Any Language | Personalised | Three Modes
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